4. Setup biosignal Amplifier

4.1. Bittium NeurOne


bossdevice RESEARCH digital sampling rate is 5khz and it is assumed that a NeurOne protocol at 5Khz is being streamed and the sampling rate of real time UDP out of NeurOne is be 1kHz (i.e. 5 samples/packet).


In your NeurOne protocol, keep all the EEG channels on the top and other Aux/bipolar/EMG/ECG channels at the bottom.


If two 32 channels preamplifiers are used, do not use the Aux/bipolar inputs/EMG/ECG channels numberd from 33-40, but only the last 8 of the 2nd amplifier i.e. 73 to 80. Similar pattern applies to other combinition of preamplifiers.


bossdevice RESEARCH can take maximum of 128 EEG channels only, and 8 Aux/Bipoloar/EMG/ECG channels.

4.1.1. Software Version

The NeurOne software version should be v1.5.1 or higher.


4.1.2. Firmware Version

The firmware version should be 1.4.30 or higher.

4.1.3. Real Time Out Channels

The Target UDP Port should be changed to 25000 from default of 50000, and the rest of details as shown in the figure below.