7. Downloads & Dependencies

7.1. Download & Setup API

bossdevice RESEARCH API version 2021 is an open source MATLAB repository incubated at sync2brain’s GitHub account and is linked below:


7.2. Download bossdevice firmware

bossdevice RESEARCH simulink based frmware is also incubated at sync2brain’s download’s area and is linked below:


7.3. Requirements:


Matlab 2021a downloaded and installed


Simulink Real-Time and Simulink Coder, Simulink, Simulink Target Support package to be installed as an Adds-On from MATLAB Toolboxes


Download and install the hardware I/O blockset drivers from the downloads area of sync2brain.com/downloads


Download the repository from master branch


Add the bossdevice RESEARCH firmware and repository to the search path of MATLAB


Observe from command line that if bossdevice firmware has been loaded from intended path, otherwise many copies of API are available on your device and MATLAB is confused about choosing one therefore it is recommended to change the current directory of MATLAB to the correct path of bossdevice latest API.