8. Issues, Bugs and Requests

8.1. Issues | Bugs | Requests

You first have to sign up for an account or log in on GitHub, subsequently you can report the issue on the GitHub repositroty linked below:


We automatically will receive an email and will follow up and keep you updated; i.e., you will get an email through GitHub whenever someone works on your issue.


Alternatively, you can also write an email to sync2brain support team for a quick response to your questions.

8.2. Issues & Bugs Details

The easier it is for one of the developers to reproduce your bug, the more likely it is that we’ll fix the problem. Good bug reports include a small test script and the data (i.e. mat file) required to reproduce the bug.

Please create a small test script and a piece of data that are both as small and simple as possible to reproduce the problem. For example: a .mat file containing the bossdevice RESEARCH API class object and some screenshots can lead us to solve the issue.

8.3. Use Case Scenarios


Use cases, previous research papers that might have implemented those methods or a brief description about the feature requests can help our developers to create the smartest solution for you.

8.4. Troubleshooting

  • I am not receiving correct/any markers. - Step 1: If using NeurOne, please check that the protocol is set properly and “Send Markers as Channels” is selected. - Step 2: Ensure that eeg_channels and aux_channels property is set according to the streaming protocol i.e. if there are no aux channels streaming then they should be set to 0.